DIY Gnome Christmas Topper – By Angeli Zankel

December 18, 2016

Today I have a very simple project for you.  After I finished making the Gingerbread house I was left with this awesome cardboard box. I couldn’t let it go to waste! I used only the top part for this Gnome Tree topper. It’s a very simple thing to do. Just follow my instructions. The rest of the box will become little Gnome ornaments! 😉


Step One: 
Cut the cardboard to make a cone shape. Wrap the felt around it.  Glue your seams as you go, but I chose to create the shape and hold it in place.  Cut any excess off the felt.

Step Two:
Use the blush/tan fabric place cotton balls or poly filling and make it into a small 2″ ball. Tie it. Use a blush and brush to give it a little color. Apply just as you were applying it for yourself.

Step Three:
Cut pieces of wool (you can find it any craft stores).  I used a piece of fabric to glue each strand.   Attach the fur to the inside of your cone shape with glue gun.

Supplies: Cardboard paper,  felt (wool optional),  wool strips,  glue gun, blush color fabric (any old cotton shirts that you no longer use)