Fun with Math – by Angeli Zankel

February 10, 2017

What’s more fun than a snow day off from school to a child?! Nothing at all! 😛

First thing we did in the morning was Fun with Math.  Right after they finished they played in the snow for a while. We had movie and pop corn time right after!  They were such good boys today. Now …Yesterday was another story! hehe

I cannot tell you how much my kids enjoyed making their cookies and pizza pie.  I spent all morning cutting circles and shapes. Next time I will make the illustrations on the computer so they don’t lose interest. After this awesome craft even my 4 year old knew the difference between a half and a fourth and I introduced them to fractions.

Tomorrow morning, I will bring them an apple each. I will ask them how they would like it cut to make sure they understood the math craft.