Star Wars BB8 fondant topper Tutorial by Angeli Zankel

May 11, 2016

bb8ctopper_artbyangeliMy son’s birthday’s was approaching and I had to make a fast and easy cake topper for his Carvel cake.  I did not buy any supplies to make the decorations and I’m telling you, you do not need to buy a fondant cutters or fondant tools to make a fondant topper. All you need is what you already have in your kitchen.  A little imagination and desperation is all you need! lol


  1. Buy Rice Krispies treats by the bars. Those are already made and easy to mold than baking it yourself. (real time saver!)  Mold into circles. 2.  To make a flat bottom for the head part, Shape it in your counter and cup it with your hand.   3. Attach a stick to it lightly so you do not break it.  4. Use Candy Melts in white 5. Boil water in a large pot. inside drop a bowl that can sustain a little heat and add your candy melts inside. Keep folding the melts until they dissolve. Once you have the right loose consistency, dip your mold into it and lightly turn it to cover all sides. It’s okay if it’s dripping and lumpy.  6. Immediately put it in your fridge to cool it. Give it about 15 minutes or longer. Shave the lumps with a knife to give it a smoother finish.  7.  Roll your fondant, like you do with pizza dough. Cut fondant in circles with anything you can find in your kitchen. I used the end part of baster tool.   8. I drew the lines with a cake server tool. I used water to stick the circles and put it back on the fridge.   Next step is to draw your details with fine tip edible markers and VOILA!!!